Deep PEAT Method

Deep PEAT is a method of personal and spiritual development.
Deep PEAT integrates deep polarities or opposites in the human being, achieving two purposes simultaneously: it increases our quality of everyday living and accelerates our spiritual development, our evolution.


Deep Peat is an extremely effective method with a focus on a personality change on the unconscious level, designed for a fast neutralization of emotional "baggage", resolving traumas, past negative experiences, overcoming fears, eliminating problems, breaking unproductive habits and creating a desired characteristics of personality traits and much more.

Deep PEAT clears our problems. Our problems are our reactions or states caused by internal and external events or circumstances.

For example:
• I feel insecurity because I don't have enough money
• I have a fear of heights
• I feel I'm not good enough
• I feel resistance to work on my goals
• I feel irritated by my back pain

In PEAT Deep Processing you start with a problem and you uncover deeper and quite different contents in the chain of links leading to the deepest cause of the problem you started with. By making it consciouss the problem disappears.

Our problems consist of suppressed thoughts and emotions which we call "charge", within ST terminology. Repressed thoughts and emotions are activated automatically and compulsively in different life situations and produce undesirable reactions, behaviors and outcomes. To effectively eliminate a problem, we must identify and neutralize all unconscious contents that are relevant to this problem. By integrating the charge, person frees herself from compulsive reactions, thoughts and emotions and achieves at least two benefits, practical (better quality of life) and spiritual (completeness).

With Deep PEAT one can:
• Get quick and easy liberation from any negative state
• Overcome unconscious and compulsive behaviors
• Eliminate inner conflicts and barriers
• Increase his ability to achieve goals and become more functional and efficient
• Optimize all components of his personality in relation to his goal
• Be self-sufficient, without depending on psychotherapists and other practitioners
• Step into the state of Oneness and accelerate his Spiritual development

So far, PEAT successfully treated:
• Traumatic experiences, anxiety, fears, phobias, depression, grief
• All kinds of emotional problems (shame, guilt, low self-esteem…)
• Business and inferiority problems, lack of creativity, motivation and self-confidence
• Financial problems and many other difficulties.


Deep PEAT integrates Primordial Polarities, the most charged polarity that exists within us. Primordial Polarities determines our perception, personality and behavior more than any other single element of our unconscious. You can’t solve your most fundamental problem in life until you attain the integration of your Primes.

The Primes encountered are very simple and basic – Power and Helplessness, Good and Bad, Approaching and Retreating, Creating and Destroying, I and Others, Material and Spiritual...

By integrating polarities with application of the Deep PEAT we recognize Oneness as our true essence and release our consciousness from bipolar perception of the self and the world. In other words, we regain completeness and freedom, and this is a good way to describe spiritual development.


• It integrates Primordial Polarities
• It integrates high level polarities
• It integrates polarities that spontaneously appear during the process
• It integrates lots of charge in only one application
• It is deep, efficient and fast - neutralization of negative experience or trauma can be accomplished in just one treatment
• It is confidential (discussion of the problem is reduced to a minimum)


• There are no prerequisites for Deep PEAT sessions
• In a session we address a specific issue the client wants to handle


• Deep PEAT can be applied in self-processing or processing others
• Deep PEAT processor seminars are practical
• Deep PEAT group processor seminar lasts 2 days
• Deep PEAT individual processor seminars lasts approximately 5 hours and it's done in 2 sessions
• Skype processor seminars are available for Deep PEAT
• In Deep PEAT processor seminar you learn to apply it on yourself and on others
• There are no prerequisites for Deep PEAT processor seminar
• Processors run individual sessions

See more: DEEP PEAT video

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“Face the facts of being what you are, for that is what changes what you are.”
– Søren Kierkegaard