Satori Protocol

Satori Protocol is a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of spiritual development.
It is the first self-applicable method that enables us to experience enlightenment (Direct Experience of Truth), and to do it daily, as many times as you want.


Satori Protocol is the first system that integrates the release of emotional problems and enlightenment in the same process. We begin the process from an emotional problem and finish the process with the Direct Experience of Truth, achieving two benefits at the same time – release of emotional problems and enlightenment. No other method that can do this. Based on the Gnostic Intensive, Satori Protocol, for the first time, allows for self-application - the experience of enlightenment without the guidance of another person.
For serious seekers, this is a ground-breaking development.

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Permanent enlightenment is the ultimate goal of spiritual development. It has different names in different spiritual disciplines: Nirvana, Satori, Samadhi, Moksha, Tao, Direct Experience of Truth etc.
My term is "Deidentified Consciousness".
The nature of enlightenment is pure consciousness, who and what we really are, under the layers of unconscious identities and repressed thoughts and emotions. Enlightenment can be temporary and permanent.
With temporary enlightenment, we cut a hole in the fabric of the ego, through which we now perceive ourselves and reality as they really are. The more holes we make, the more we reduce the ego, and our perception of ourselves and reality becomes closer to the truth. The more often we experience temporary enlightenment, the sooner we will reach permanent enlightenment.

Satori Protocol enables us to experience temporary enlightenment on a daily basis, on our own, and several times a day if we so desire. Thus, we can dramatically accelerate our evolution, our path toward permanent enlightenment.

Spiritual development before Satori Protocol:
• It takes a lot of effort
• It takes a long time
• It requires an abandonment of everyday life
• The techniques are difficult to understand and to apply
• Knowledge of old texts is required
• A teacher is necessary
• Knowledge of philosophical systems is required
• It is necessary to believe in a system, dogma or teacher
• Lack of success in most cases, despite the effort

Due to the above characteristics, the average person has the impression that enlightenment is unattainable or extremely difficult to attain.

Satori Protocol transforms the nature of spiritual development into its opposite:
• It doesn't take much effort
• It doesn't take much time
• The techniques are simple and easy to apply
• Knowledge of old texts is not required
• A teacher is not necessary; the technique is learned in a two-day seminar, the practitioner is independent
• One doesn’t have to believe in anything
• Methods are directly focused on enlightenment
• Success happens every day


Before Satori Protocol, we used two categories of methods. One category includes the Individual and Group Intensives by Z.M. Slavinski mentioned earlier, which result in enlightenment, but do not target emotional problems. The other category, such as Deep Peat and Aspectics, also by Z.M. Slavinski, releases emotional problems, but does not result in enlightenment. Method 3 and Method 4 of Satori Protocol, for the first time, integrate both enlightenment and emotional problems. We begin the process from an emotional problem, we release it, yet we do not stop in a state of emptiness - as the Deep Peat and Aspectics do. Instead, we go to the end - to enlightenment.
Nothing further and deeper exist within the human being.


• One Satori Protocol process takes 5-20 minutes, on average.
• Five to twenty minutes, that's how long it takes today to experience enlightenment and release an emotional problem, both at the same time.
• No previous experience or prior knowledge is required.


• Eliminate emotional problems and reach enlightement in the same process. Become for the first time an unconditioned, sane, really free human being.
You are guidede to get an answer to the eternal questions: Who Am I, What is God, What is my purpose etc.
• There are no prerequisites for SATORI PROTOCOL sessions


To learn Satori Protocol, a two-day individual or group seminar is required.
An individual seminar lasts two days, 2-3 hours a day. A group seminar lasts two days, 3-4 hours a day. Seminars are conducted in person or online.
The methods are undemanding, natural, easy to apply, simple and without technical details. At the end of the first day, after only a few hours of training, you are able to bring yourself or another person into a state of enlightenment. This is true for both those who have experience in spiritual development and beginners. During the second day of the seminar, we learn to apply Satori Protocol methods on emotional problems. Satori Protocol methods which simultaneously free us from emotional problems and bring us to a state of enlightenment, result in a profound integration of daily life and spiritual development. Satori Protocol is not something you need to practice for a while to be able to implement it. On the contrary, during the course of the seminar, the methods become routine, and you know how to use them on yourself and others. • There are no prerequisites for SATORI PROTOCOL seminars

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And here we are. Welcome to the next level, into a different reality of spiritual development, where it becomes possible what we could only dream of before.
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“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world. ”
– Ramana Maharshi